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Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We use top-notch technologies to build native and cross-platform applications. It’s time to enhance your business’ offerings and maximize your profits.

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About us
Providing powerful solutions since 2019

Native and cross-platform software solutions developed by our skilled team of experts

At Axles, we believe firmly that giving your users a consistent experience is really important. That’s why, for years, we’ve specialized in developing native iOS and Android apps, as well as cross-platform apps using Flutter, which allows us to provide our customers with high-quality and cost-effective mobile apps for their business. 

With the ever-changing nature of software development, we stay at the forefront and continue to hone our expertise in this area. We’re constantly evolving, and we build our solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with tried and tested efficient approaches.

To develop high-quality web applications, we use Node.js to develop the back-end. We work with AWS to strengthen our infrastructure, and we possess in-depth knowledge of various databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB to manage data in a reliable and efficient way.

We have extensive hands-on experience implementing Progressive Web Apps, and we pride ourselves on building responsive, pixel-perfect, and streamlined apps for our clients powered on the front-end by React and Vue.js. 

Our proven expertise in software development makes us your business’ best choice for creating cost-effective apps guaranteed to deliver an outstanding user experience.

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Activate the best solution for your business

We optimize your workflow with modern, cost-effective app development

Whether you need an iOS or Android app, web app, something cross-platform, or even a consultation, we are here to help. Our holistic services equip you with the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

We always prioritize transparent and consistent communication with our clients–providing regular updates and carefully organizing the development of each project alongside our clients–to ensure we understand their goals and fulfill their needs.

Native mobile development We specialize in mobile app development; it’s our bread and butter. Let our team create your business’ app for iOS and Android and bring the best native user experience using technology like Swift and Kotlin.

Cross-platform mobile development The Axles team relies on Flutter to create a cross-platform mobile solution that delivers proven results. With cross-platform solutions, you can provide a consistent experience to your users regardless of their mobile platform of choice.

Web development Using reliable and advanced technology like Node.js for the back-end, we also work with React and Vue.js for the front-end. We generate the web app that you need and love to boost your business’ success.

Android Software Development
Cross-Platform Software development
iOS Software development
JavaScript Software Development
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Trusted from our clients
Travis Clapp

Opentute has proudly worked with Mykhailo Tys as one of our external Android app contractors throughout 2018. He has been an asset to our team, consistently working to meet our requirements and I can recommend his services.

Elisa Echavarria

“AXLES” is always ready to deliver very smart and simple solutions in strict deadlines. Everyone from a team is a good communicator. You can feel the experience by the suggestions you get from a team. Looking forward to have business once again.

Danielle Nacini

Working with “AXLES” has been a pleasure! Very skilled developers, very responsive, and they always go the extra mile. I can do nothing but recommend them if you are looking for serious and skilled developers.

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